Security Covert Cameras and Apparel

All six books you see below

A detailed and comprehensive set of books that cover the ins & outs of being a Security Professional. Free Postage & Packaging!

Door Supervision Book - £14.75

Door Super-vision course book

A detailed and comprehensive book that cover the ins & outs of becoming a professional Door Supervisor. Postage & Packaging is £3

CCTV Book - £14.75

CCTV Operation course book

Improve your studying and get a CCTV course Book. Postage & Packaging is £3

Physical Intervention Book - £9.50

Physical Inter-vention book

Start your Physical Intervention revision today! Postage & Packaging is £3

Upskilling Revision - £8.00

Upskilling course book

A detailed and comprehensive book that will aid your upskilling revision. Postage & Packaging is £3
Stewarding - £10.75

Stewarding book

Get your stewarding book now. Postage & Packaging is £3

Security guarding - £14.75

Security Guarding course book

Start your Scurity Guarding revision today! Postage & Packaging is £3

Gas Alarm - £19.99
SSG gas alarm

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Produces a loud siren to get others attention that you are in need of help.

Earpiece - £19.99
SSG Earpiece

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Motorola Radio Earpiece Connector Block / Adaptor For Gp1280, Gp140, 7610100034145

SIA Badge Holders - £3.99
SSG SIA Badge Holder

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Armbands for holding your SIA ID badge. Comes in: Neon Hi-Vis, Blue, Black, and White.

Stab Vest - £99.99
SSG Stab Vest

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Designed to resist knife attacks, and can prevent serious injury to yourself.

Keyring - £17.99
SSG decorative keyring

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Decorative keyring popular with armed forces and martial artists experts.

Slash Proof Gloves - £79.99
SSG Slash Proof Gloves

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Protective hand wear is necessary for knife-slash
and sharp edges.

Radio Block - £9.99
SSG Radio Block

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Add extra security to your radio
Black Phone Gloves
Black Phone Gloves

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These black gloves are made from genuine leather with a gathered cuff and contrast tips. Smart touch Gloves are super soft gloves with special conductive material woven in so you can tap, pinch and scroll on your touchscreen device whilst keeping your hands warm. Perfect for use with i-phones, mp3 players, tablets, sat navs, self checkouts, etc
In Car CCTV - £49.99

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In-Car Cameras are used for insurance protection, police / accident / crime evidence and to expose other drivers on YouTube. Ideal for taxi, chauffer and private investigators.
Comes with memory card.

Covert Cameras - £299.99
SSG Covert Cameras (gillette)

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This manually operated surveillance camera is probably the most innovative product we have ever made, for a long time we have thought about building one of our hidden cameras into an aerosol container but fitting electronics to a pressurised container seemed an impossible task. Then suddenly in a moment of inspiration it came to us just how it could be done, and here it is.

We have managed to fit our new high resolution SD card DVR electronics and camera along with a rechargeable battery inside a working shaving foam container. No need to worry about using up the shaving foam either as it can be refilled in seconds.

The results are extraordinarily good, clean high resolution (720p) video with no missing frames and natural colours makes this SD card hidden camera easily the most advanced design in the world today.

The camera can be set to record in high resolution for crystal clear results or if a longer recording time is more important two other resolution setting are available. Alternatively the memory can be set to loop through so that the oldest files are automatically overwritten making space for new recordings. The camera will record for over four hours on a full charge.

Time and date stamp can be turned off as can the audio recording leaving even more memory available for the video. Playback the recording on your laptop or PC using Windows Media Player, Quick time player or the media player of your choice.

A special tool is provided to remove the false bottom which reveils the operating buttons, USB, and SD card slot. The pinhole camera lens is locate in the "O" of the word MOUSSE as shown in picture.

Covert Camera - £199.99
SSG Covert Camera (Hair Gell)

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This camera is quite amazing - recent technological advances have allowed us to hide a 3 hour audio video recorder in a container less than 3 inches diameter. The micro pinhole camera lens blends in so well with product label that it will never be accidentally discovered.

The operating buttons are also well hidden underneath an internal hair wax container. The camera will record for over 3 hours on a fully charged battery.

When the surveillance is over the camera can be recovered and the video downloaded via the USB socket which is also located underneath the wax container. The battery is recharged via this USB connector or the 240v mains charger unit.

The audio/video can be saved onto the hard drive on your own laptop and played back using Windows Media Player. The quality of the audio and video is surprisingly good considering the size of this camera.

Personalised options available, choose the container of your choice.

Size 40 x 70mm Dia.
Covert Camera £169.99
SSG pill box

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This everyday health tablet container conceals a manually operated hidden camera and SD card recorder. Can be set to record in an instant by pressing the start button cleverly hidden under the label.

Audio and video can be downloaded onto your Laptop/PC via a USB connector or by reading the removable SD memory card. The camera micro lens is virtually undetectable being located in the black area shown in the picture.

The container is actually shipped with mints not vitamin tablets but you can replace these with genuine vitamin tablets so that no one would ever suspect that this was a video camera and recorder. Comes complete with USB cable and a 4 GB memory card that can store over an hour of audio and video.

Built in re-chargeable battery runs the camera for over an hour and is re-charged via the computer USB input or by using the separate mains charger provided.

Size 80mm x £169.99
Covert Camera - £199.99
SSG Covert Camera Coat Hook

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This is a manually operated SD card Camera and video recorder (DVR) Records to removable SD card memory that can be played back on your laptop or PC using standard Windows Media Player program that comes with your Windows system. High Definition 1280x960 video recording and powered by a rechargeable battery that will run the camera for approximately 90 minutes and charges via standard USB port. Screw or double sided tape for easy fixing. Supplied with download cable and 4GB SD card fitted.

Dim. 120 x 35mm

Covert Camera - £99.99
SSG Covert Camera Alarm Clock

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This Video camera with its built in SD card recorder has the widest viewing angle we have ever seen, it can see an amazing 140 degrees with its wide angle hidden lens, this is over twice the normal standard.

With the 8GB card supplied It can record over 4 hours of high definition video and audio which is ample for most investigations but for longer recordings it can take upto a 32GB SD card.

Even though it is battery operated it can record for ten hours on a full charge. I.R.remote control used to stop and start recording, motion detect recording, take picture or audio only.

The display alternates between the time and date as well as showing the temparature and at the press of a button a voice anounces the time.

Playing back the video files is simple using your own laptop or pc, simply connect the unit up to a USB input or read the sd card via the sd to USB convertor supplied. Available in Black or White.

Live CCTV Unit
Live CCTV Unit

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View Live CCTV footage of your home or business, on the move. Imagine Watch your CCTV Cameras from your mobile phone, anytime, anywhere. All CCTV system Installed by us are Network compatible meaning they can be viewed via PC, Tablet, laptop, iphone, Blackberry, Android and many other types of mobile handsets.