Handcuffing Course

The SSG Advanced handcuffing course is designed for individuals in police, security, executive protection, & military assignments. It may also suite a variety of civilian personnel for self-protection purposes. The emphasis of instruction is geared towards how, why and when to use mechanical restraints like handcuffs, in different situations and circumstances. We will also look at the legal aspects of using mechanical restraints.

This no nonsense simple but superior handcuffing training course is geared to the professional. The SSG system will show you the best way to handcuff a suspect in the most simple and efficient method. The course will cover topics such as the safest approach & positioning for handcuffing, handcuffing suspects that become resistant and combative, double locking, removing handcuffs in a safe manner and much more.

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SSG handcuffing course

What does the Handcuffing course cover?

· The law relating to the use of reasonable force.
· Possible medical implications regarding the use of handcuffs.
· Potential legal implications regarding handcuff techniques.
· Deployment of handcuffs.
· Application of handcuffs.
· Powers of arrest.
· Types of positions.
· Handcuff - Passive.
· Handcuff - Active.
· Positional Asphyxia.
· Excited Delirium

Who is the course for?

This course is highly recommended for individual expected to form part of response teams, working with companies involved in prison services, door supervisors working in the hospitality sector, hospitals, airports, border forces - in short its is almost universally applicable. The use of handcuffs may be required as part of your operational role.